giovedì 21 agosto 2014

Cambridge scientist Tom Spencer and Jane da Mosto : #noContorta

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A petition to prime minister Matteo Renzi has been organised, asking him to reverse decision: please sign here

The Art Newspaper, 20 August 2014
Cambridge scientist challenges the Italian government to show that the cruise ship solution is safe
“A simple question: show us the evidence”
By Tom Spencer
reader in Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology, University of Cambridge
director of the Cambridge Coastal Research Unity

"I very much look forward to seeing the observational data and mathematical modelling on which the decision to widen, deepen and straighten the Canale Contorta has been made and on the steps that have been taken to obtain proper, independent assessment of these lines of evidence. This is what would be expected of responsible, evidence-based policy making in the 21st century". 

The blue line is the route currently taken by all cruise ships entering Venice. The new route is in yellow, with the dotted line showing the Canale Contorta, the channel that would have to be deep-dredged

The Art Newspaper, 20 August 2014

New route for Venice cruise ships would damage the lagoon
Governmental decision favours business interests
By Jane Da Mosto

"It is like stopping juggernauts from travelling along the London Embankment by rerouting the same traffic and more down a new highway across Hyde Park".